WWE Raw Highlights 3 November 2019 HD - WWE Raw Highlight 3/11/19 HD

WWE Raw Highlights 3 November 2019 HD - WWE Raw Highlight 3/11/19 HD

you can feel the energy from the

cool what an that it's going to be in
until 1:00 tonight we have for you
number Erick Rowan and we've got balls
count anywhere in this match can go on
the parking lot yeah I promise you it
will it's gonna be a glancing that's
coming up to do step face to face in the
middle of the ring you talking about
combustible maybe it's gonna be fun
we said tonight was its popular female
superstars of all time is back yes a
very special tag-team the success -
about February - let me introduce you
Kairi stain game is over the division
they certainly have that's not a bad
place to be
to be on the outside as pirates say it
takes on Becky Lynch yeah take a look at
this is the green mist from Oslo which
could create the offer but this
certainly has been an attitude
adjustment means the whole lot this is
the Oscar that was undefeated and NXT
and into her first year to a tag team a
force op I retain a former NXT Women's
now this could have backed by him but I
am and now you stand in front of the WWE
I'll tell you what happened King
take it out Tyree same list that
stinging pain is exactly how I described
it eyes sir only see that on pages page
beauteous a discussion is the better
part of valor maybe the man finish Tyree
sane these two women schedule go
one-on-one every wanted no part the man
and Tyree say say let's go back to what
happened moments ago take a look at
Oscar watch this tend to watch it up
close and personal what's your fine oh
man right in her eyes see something on
the body of Becky Lynch you of course
from those the green mist is actually an
in jutsu
well the champion has been waiting to
get her hands looking for a Beck's
floater and Kyrie say during a kabuki
warrior Becky Miller seemed a little
grateful for being the number one draft
choice in the WWE Kyrie Sam right to the
midsection here in 2019 be one of the
others being her partner Oscar you
saying a lesson to kick-out at two
Oh nice dropkick she was the number one
draft pick in the WWE draft a couple
weeks ago the champion and out into a
cover and a kick-out by Becky Lynch in
like a point king she's got asked out
there and Lynch now Stefan Tyree same
every time she steps into the ring Becky
Lynch looking for the submission center
of the Ring no word for Kyrie saying to
go one of those cases of she's trying to
teach both in the ring and that foot cut
right in the chin
one year ago today the first-ever
all-women's painful view known here in
the WWE in the women's division if you
talk about Becky Lynch being their way
to escape
Tyrese ain't in control they're all
Women's Champion bitch being fat right
now until you mentioned that new
attitude of battery sink on display here
tonight we've seen Kyrie just present
some means and again as we mentioned
Kyrie saying Oscar defendants Teigen
Knox and Dakota kind of course just
shutting down the champion into another
cover huh see Becky Lynch gasping for
air right now let's call it gingersnap
Lynch charges it with a fan in Lynch or
right to work this match up
and Becky Lynch submitted earlier Vic
not a lot of people have beaten Becky
Lynch this year
appearing Wednesday night yet all the
cool thing about being the woman's that
dependents they could go a champion to
Co you can see the pain on the face of
the champion
counter glitch ask on the outside trying
to fire up Becky Lynch laying it into
Tyra same but the gambling table to kick
out Oscars out I was about to use for
weight change momentum and drive her
opponent into the mat that amazing move
look at this or st. we're getting up in
dangerous territory there
now we simmer and I get my boy Lynch is
up Lynch just after that she knows how
to refocus herself well she better like
on the outside
the Becky Lynch but you know you have to
talk about a few other things here she's
division whatever event mention you talk
about a strong message ahead Bruce step
right there with me in Kingsport and
when when I saw that he was fence he
knew exactly where Bobby laughs Milan
arrived escape blamed the man this is
exactly what happens when you take a
man's wife I mean you could get here
lonna saying lucky but was released
because law rusev is here tonight you're
right Lee in Rousseff's wife Lana it's
going to take center stage tonight
the thigh shape takes on drew McIntyre
with both of their Hall of Fame team
coaches at rings tonight former Wyatt
family member eric rowan issue a
20 times 20:47 champion r-truth oh he's
not my buddy
I don't even know the guy aimin is buddy
work anyways I wanted to ask you when
Sunil Singh captured it with the help of
his brother Sameer
Isao going on by focus now I got booth
pair of eyes on the forty eight seven
seven eleven twenty go see that city
that King Europeans hey Murphy
absolutely Vic one of our impact instant
impact what to let the secret out the
speed the strength of Buddy Murphy
certainly our truth it bifocals don't
mean for eyes we needs to get all four
of those Australia's finest but that's
that's fine that's fine but after
tonight you won't forget me of an impact
player called wall the land of
opportunity they're gonna wrestle I
think I need this one-on-one here with
Buddy Murphy this is really gonna be
quite the tested and I'm spit down as
well but look at Buddy Murphy are in
control of our truth of course just like
you guys are don't sleep on our truth
we've seen this guy for alert say the
winner will face a j-style
oh right foot in this matchup
honey Murphy right now charging
irregular Danny gasps I'm gonna be
honest with you on the back of his head
buddy Murphy picks up the win land of
opportunity which is Monday Night Raw
together where da o be the authors in
person Dana card a general see a plan
play partial damage and fall there
didn't even do it tomorrow
DB hoodia they Hogan look on a
commercial how could you possibly
survive a match where every single
discipline we will own this take the
authors of pain
you're a menacing presence and I'd hate
to be in their line of sight as soon as
they smoke
I start the block party with the stream
profits amongst the WWE
in Spain of a victorious look at the
street tapas
Meredith you know they tried to make the
baby the monster scores battle-ax region
our host we're Drake who never does
I know me you were exempt the at the big
party pulling down the beer
Oh nobody
there we go
then we showed out in the beautiful st.
Louis for Mahoney Kevin Owens star no
and stop kiss the baby
speak for yourself right so all the
super stuffy yacht on that stuff fan
the funny games might be over the
immortal back on Monday night wrong with
being to the greatest of all time both
of these guys as ups of course you see
the Nature Boy Ric Flair
we're gonna have a preview of crown
jewel 15 Flair last week ricochet is
ready what a new chef pick for team
Hogan ricochet e2k 20 I mean you think
about ricochet he does lose it in that
game he did so many it's hung it's
unbelievable drew this last week beating
down a bull ricochet Claire
there's one week ago March is exactly
how I oaken and his teammates ahead of
crown jewel about you guys ricocheted
you kidding me
let's week the assault from tooth
McIntyre you see ricochet feeling the
effects we're now ricochet doe having to
black out the paint now
oh oh man now the focus for drew Mac
directly on the reds and that is exactly
what drew McIntyre inspecting ricochet
smiles your boy knows exactly where he
is tonight and he knows exactly who he
picked injured right landing on the
injured right ribs just grabbed me by
the ear and again say halfway across the
ring Theo McIntyre just looking like
he's getting pure and Jewish in the back
they don't carry themselves like
professionals you don't see Drew
McIntyre take it feels like every time
up there he's going to do his job well
Anton McIntyre blows up with a Hogan
light leg drop
the careful those PI plan listen to this
guys listen as mcintyre now and look at
ricochet I'm in ting
how would you come back the power of
McIntyre I might get my stomach or I
might come a little ill there and the
impact was this ricochet but bleeding
that ricochets taking right now
ricochets but it's also angle on target
for your opponent as well though the
quickness again he's covering him a
little mercy and every time McIntyre fly
but look at that it's not the flying
ricochets used to though know the
British a true living without it the
McIntire shows no guys just take a look
right there at that's three nights three
days before crown jewels King shuts
Ricochet down if you could take out a
member of team Hogan just a couple
nights before the mountains South Jimmy
Hart up Andy continued for ricochet do
you see the pain battle block out the
pain pain how do you do it let me shake
continuing to fight here on Raw is
ending team flare ricochet representing
team Hogan three nights before both
Hogan over there having two watches well
his team member just did this from
nobody knows what's going on his mind
Ric Flair all smiles the entire center
of the Ring able to kick out and quickly
map it Claire does oh no not again we
saw this earlier in the match he's gonna
have to more than rally he's going to
have to throw every aspect of him Hogan
trying to rally ricochet on the outside
and gain a nice counter by ricochet back
entire time to a knee and now McIntyre
is down for the for last week's beatdown
ricochet knows how much is on the line
look at back entire British look at the
height of a ricochet look at the height
there's a dimensional space I wasn't
able to put back it oh the jumping elbow
from McIntyre come back that he was able
to kick out of that doesn't it just goes
to show that ricochet is enjoy that
chopper blades are hooked in again
ricochet kicks out ricochet come on
brother you can do this left in the tank
that get tired take it off heat that
from he's like a superhero
we're raids boiling it back it is
fighting through ricochet now trying to
get to the top rope
come on look in the fly
the dirtiest player in the game does it
again in there take the place to a
Finnish team Hogan Burstein slam a deal
cuz that was a baker's deliver take a
look at it
watch out my Kings Court may turn into
this face tonight this is gonna be
explosive guys I promise you that I can
champion Rollins and it is Falls Count
Anywhere this could go all over 6
umberto right goons ago when I was a
rookie in this business
oh you were good look at me now look way
Oh light veterans in WWE I mean if you
were looking to pull then you pick the
wrong one
tonight like a good look at the champ
we're always live in st. Louis where the
architect meets the Redwood tonight Paul
introducing first Rizzo the devil comes
it comes an all-star Keith and King
Chicago Cubs are getting beaten up
regularly here in st. Louis stuck
believe determine the world cup winner
then and crown the best tag team off the
believe Eric and I bond I gotta be the
odds-on favorite cake right blow thing
at the top I told you last week King
this is my pip are thee raw tag-team
champions who have been nothing we got a
couple of baseball Furies in the room
but epic tag Raiders is actually inspire
technicals this inspire tag
there's a war betting helmets or Bryant
here tonight the raw tag-team champ the
size of the tag the beard on Ivar Howe
huge slam Eric is legal is up Mac
certainly is going to be cheap boom tag
was made at king of you ever seen the
tag team is Dominic and many experienced
thanks for coming I wanted to see the
cartwheel for my bar tonight Mike again
it is a sight to see to the Viking
raiders the wrong tag team champions
how they fare in crown jewel
Queen these two is gonna be brought to
light tonight on my Kingsport diagnosed
with breast cancer my first instinct was
to I'm not doing this again
February 22nd this process for me June
I'm is really fast forward two years the
red hair is no longer red and now I have
chemo curls no take anything away from
this tool and what
Sin Cara another new I had his number
last week Daniel Wow
two can play at that game a lot of
couples on Raw tonight I can't wait
later on for the Kingsport madness those
two together
I've been married some exactly on rites
marks on my face into place and many of
Andrade's victories so it's smart to
happy about this certainly upset as and
rowdy well that's the way some car works
quickly and look see tomorrow trying to
switch up his lead will it Scout it look
at Salina it's off Andrade doesn't feel
like what he does in the ring needs to
be pretty he doesn't have plan on your
face being it's hard to argue that
Andrade isn't champion see the screen on
the right show long time arrival video
there's no doubt also that let me later
or earlier on this wig that that Selena
Vega was that made her that way and
that's in drama Andrade now let's just
hopping that small rally here by scene
car and you talk I've seen car I'm sure
Sin Cara would like a victory over
Andrade but Andrade is not this man what
fuels on driving what fuels this man
what we've seen in the week Chuck suit
car to the top takes out on drops and
cars but you get did his opponent
there's Catalina on the outside could be
the new Selena there's Alina Vega kid
it's policy Karolina
oh my god the Winnebago and I'm dry day
I mean go sets go back to Leland oh god
that's just something you can't do you
can't take your eyes off Andrade
with the Queen has been the Women's
here in the WWE we're all smiles as she
gets ready to team up with Natalya
what a legendary pedigree between the
two of employees see behind the Italian
you have the Flair Ric Flair we just saw
our own had the pedigree in this matchup
for these two women they look awesome
over refreshed after coming back from
dividend live events in off strengthen
else it's coming this week how about
after the gala dick and I heard Cory
isn't pulling any punches on that show I
cannot plead pressure King I'll be
paying raises super every time she steps
into a range
nice move Ben makes a tag in an Italian
Oh No what's this double-team
Natalya first time teaming together
working pretty kick-out at two it was
almost over in a hurry
he partnered Billy Kane oh well this
icon that connects also part of the
don't be draft coming over here to the
team lid it's the same time the ikonics
are the longest reigning woman's tag
team champions Phoenix never afraid to
cut a corner to earn a victory Oh
on it yeah there's better get your eyes
on her take it how you crawling over was
bit of that dancing ballet back gives
you fit just save it a tick on okay
that's what we talked is now pate and
Roy's just big face first Italian to the
knee of Billy Clanton three at Flair hey
Charlotte flair for a moment
then they won a victory for coming this
that's the key scored it may be divorce
court because I'm gonna have Russa
ladies and gentlemen please be off but
I'm gonna cuz I got a lot on my plate
and not a lot of time to talk about here
and st. Louis Missouri why to borrow a
line from Mark Henry this is what I do
to prove myself to get myself ready for
the biggest challenge like I'm not
I'm not stupid I didn't think that thing
was gonna work and that makes the fee
more dangerous than ever to keep him
down because the referee won't be able
to stop at this time the only way
cigarette smoke contains seven thousand
plus chemicals many of which are toxic
including weekly episodic television
show in history welcome back
introducing first roof before mile away
gain at 200 and set
against Eric blowing others a big
difference comfort it the universal
championship will be on the line and
it's not just Falls keys in whatsoever
it's Seth Rollins once again
that challenge from Erick Rowan and
let's stop the big twist the fighter
that challenge might have been at the
ring for that challenge Milan New York
say it's available now for our return to
chip can go anywhere here in the arena
they can go anywhere in st. Louis here
in the gateway city has set the robin
flying back in trying to chop them now
and look at rowing strength Rollins able
to slip free burrowing quickly kicking
out at one powerfully of that once Oh Oh
men know some of question Rollins why he
would expect
that's just it Seth Rollins is a
fighting champion he's fought at redwood
that was the first thing that came to my
mind again Falls Count Anywhere this
matchup can end right now and a check
out and to make this challenge but I
feel like everything great why it
touches you see the welts are there we
go we said it could go on the stairs
boner established dominance on Smackdown
battling with the likes of world as
Erick Rowan always looked into sending
vicious well set lousy King as a matter
where Seth Rollins knows this match up
man whoa you know record head was a
public concession stand battle these
guys may wind up in the concession oh
yeah again deal this matchup could end
in the concessions area absolutely
that's led some more room up on the
promenade and look at the welts the
records of penny intercept agates the
theme Bray Wyatt except that matchup
cannot be
for some of them
just think about the playground that
Erick Rowan has access hi Alex Ted
Rollins fight back here against Rowan
Falls Count Anywhere match up between
Seth Rollins and Erick Rowan this match
could learn they've been in that Devon W
universe have been in the main concourse
over a ton of each row and didn't even
go down always a 300-pound man would
expect while it's continuing to do it he
says he don't steps he carefully those
steps up and rounds out competing in
this Falls Count Anywhere match
scrappy he's gonna have to be creative
he's gonna have to be able to use his
environment using his environment
Rowan wisely steals tenth home often do
you see a 300-pounder like that throw a
well a hit Rollins kicks out at two all
in this Falls Count Anywhere match up
for Eric Rowan who issued that
spine-first coast it's like you know
like you said to you this is do you can
see Rollins trying to shake some feeling
into his left hand that's
Erick Rowan with the champion Amish go
anywhere guarantee you this is not a
walk in the park right now right this
way three except knowledge back
easy easy easy
nobody's embarrassing
please meet two Falls Count Anywhere the
champion pit - hang on Seth
what's your plan new set grounds has
been in a different mindset for the last
several weeks and they're going in
follow him
this matches man definitely too close
for comfort there they're crossed row
near the strength in which the offensive
onslaught just getting out of the way
Rama trying to take
absolutely crown jewel King Seth Rollins
or began as Roberto Carrillo
we saw the GJ styles police he's the
champion here on Raw he's looking to
prove to take center stage in my well
divorce court
hell no I need to do this alone you can
do it I can do it I'm sure you can
madness is to do the same thing well all
my outcomes have been the same over well
the next time I want to happen
number one off and two on my door ready
to pit dangerous Alistair Black is my
start your 30-day free trial because for
new subscribers Eastern with a special
kickoff start time of noon this Thursday
Friday night smell hurt
where's it hurt
quite the message sent by the Beast
absolutely we've been in there you
face-to-face for the WWE Championship on
the line at crown jewels this guy's
finally team flare and team bogan are
gonna be the biggest match of his career
that's happening at crown Jason Fury and
braun strowman it took place that
doesn't be forever to determine the
world cup winner and crown ducks find
out who's the best in the world
and also a crown jewel of 20s coming
your way this Thursday at 12 noon
streaming live
Seth Rollins earlier tonight while the
universal champion lab Duty says round
Jewell this Thursday
here comes the superstar will have to be
or you will face Thursday night
the following contest is scheduled for
Karl Anderson representing the OSI he is
the unity that Rollins to the absolute
limit Carillo steps up again this time
work and by the audible original
sixty-fourth man sorter at audible.com
slash seen a lot about John Cena the
classic matches those two superstars in
the cruise you have to win in big wins
against opponents like AJ Styles is
what's going to locate thing about this
a rematch here this Thursday at crown
jewel by block he is a hell of a
crossbow Roberto grip on the crown jewel
kickoff show AJ Styles United Stated
coming wagons with the newer superstars
here on the red brown look at Newport
South Korea Korea flies through the air
takes another day I gotta admit Berto is
a lot of fun to watch look at this oh
what a kick man look at the offense by
Umberto Carillo legging again Styles
able to kick out connected might not
have got all of it didn't get enough in
it it looks like that might be the case
right now Berto we tweeted earlier this
was Seth Rollins hopes to one day again
meet the architect face-to-face and
there with the champ that runs the camp
AJ Styles and you can't look past that
same way that Seth Rollins did on in
virtual Corral we might have a case
Jennifer took 3 o clock choice words for
Mert so earlier tonight but it's Creole
who's continued to try to get earlier do
we think maybe the AJ underestimated
Umberto just let's start the caliber of
Umberto Correa the top turnbuckle watch
out here there's the agility on the
street right into the mat and look at
who Berto Crillon out racket for that
aztec press can it connect really what
just happened I know it's hard to
believe it but he kicked out you're
gonna have to keep on could be his
moment to knock off the United States
Champion AJ Styles all the way and
that's what makes AJ Styles so good he's
always transition moment is now on the
rotation he just went a little bit too
far he didn't hit it the extension you
have to wonder that Humberto Carrillo
might be thinking that if he got 100% of
that maps out
came to your point wisely that's that
may take just now a days to quickly
picked apart an opponent and dissect an
I don't know
and now AJ Styles burping looking for
that style splat you got to know this
about AJ Styles if he ever spent you on
the bank is with the purple video secret
took this straight plum pitcher Gallo
set to the outside
it seems like the streetwalkers didn't
quite get the smoke black universe
Rousseff's wife
so it looks like you're not having fun
but I am I like that throws all my
dreams Bob last me
through seven face-to-face next in WWE
Hall of Famer Jerry the key
welcome everyone to a very special ssin
for two of WWE's brightest superstar get
about here right now first welcome the
bullshit that is divorce the best answer
absolutely back for that it is the first
time a true shinobi
so we can bring out to the young lady
who is
to herself husband she's taunting
they're talking of weekend and a week
out in front might be the most
combustible king's court and mr. Bitburg
in here and well listen as you and get
back together
come out here in air our dirty laundry
nor did I want my back on Instagram and
my kammath always saying
now the truths are now so shut up and
yes listen
well can you blame me and that you don't
understand what I'm saying but rusev
wanted sex from me in the morning those
producing wanted sex on the kitchen
and everyone here is so excited because
each and every one of you baby inside me
no no you wanted impress I ever insisted
you have a child with me I don't
understand you what's the thing is that
you just don't understand you never
listen I mean come on Gerry you
understand right I mean look at me the
way I make my says okay okay okay wait a
all right are you telling me areas
because Rousseff wanted you to have a
baby and you believed them yes of course
I believe Bob Vila he's doing that never
happened that never happened played even
further there's Bobby Lashley

about a man's life this about a man's
family feel Ashley

this is sick then the blood boiling
right now the Bulgarian brute oh that's
no ordinary man he's getting into a
fight with pets and rusev call it
cheetah to Bobby Lashley

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